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Silent Hill_Nightmare is a non-profit fan-game that (I know I-must-be-crazy) I started when i wanted to try something new. I had a nightmare in the summer of 2006, and it was so freaky that it stayed with me. it was straight out of Silent Hill. After it wouldn't get out of my head (it seemed so real), a story formed from it. Characters were created and a whole synopsis was formed all in the same day I had the nightmare. As soon as it got a title, I knew it was stuck with me- I wanted to write this story. but, it was Silent Hill, a game. I'm sure people cringe at fanfiction (most of the time) so that's why I took it further. Plus I just wanted to try something new. And I'm glad my system is a success, this seems to be my most popular project (mostly probably, cause it's a fan thing for Silent Hill)


'Silent Hill' is a familar and popular name. Many have played and enjoyed the unique series of games, including myself. Silent Hill also has a way of making even the toughest person jump from shock or surprise, yet the game also has the elements of making you laugh, with it's crazy extra items and secret endings.

Well, I can't say that my 'story' can have the same effect as a game, but I am throwing some of the elements in it. That's right, an interactive story. You help make the decisions and choices of the characters. Open the door? is there a monster? or a helpful item? decisions decisions.

With my story also having several endings, you can also help decide the ending with the choices you make. Will you get the best ending? the worst? ...or the oh so popular crazy UFO ending? You decide!

Is this game "obsessive fan" worthy?
aka someone who knows the SH map by heart, and everything about the games imaginable.

I AM one of those fans, I just don't always show it (hates overly obsessive screaming fangirls) my experience includes playing through the games Silent Hill 2, 3, 4:the room, origins, and Homecoming (not fully completed yet). I have the first Silent Hill game, but due to controller issues, I haven't been able to play it yet, but even then I've done my research on it. I've also seen the movie. I've even read the meanings of the monsters and all that (woo what a freak).

And so, I give you my word; I know what I'm doing. Silent Hill is in good hands. The maps are exactly alike in my game (directions wise) I basically play the games and write this side by side. I took most influence from Silent Hill 2. If I get things wrong, then I'm sorry guys. I know I can't please everyone. For those who like it, thank you! I worked really hard on this =)

I intend to make no money off of this. No merchandise, nothing. I just want people to experience fanfiction in a whole new way. I know I've already inspired, and it makes me so happy =D


Blood, gore-violence-strong language
I put it up as a regular mature game, since there's more bad words and things of the sort. Just being safe!

[Frequently Asked Questions]

Why a game?
Because I like challenges, and this was a challenge. I wanted to be different (or try at least) and take fan-stories further. Plus, a game is so much fun to make =)

A game? How's that gonna work?
Wait and see =)

Why did this take a year to make and finally get out?
I was developing it last summer; then school happened, and more important issues came up (such as graduating and getting into college). Since this was just for fun, I put it aside. Now that all the important stuff is taken care of, I was able to get back to work on it ^^

Why Silent Hill_Nightmare? That's not too original of a name
Easy; I had a nightmare about Silent Hill that inspired this project, so it makes perfect sense (but now they won't go away...huh)

If it's a dark game why are the theme colors grey and white?
To go with the creepy ash/fog atmosphere of Silent Hill

Silent Hill...will this include Pyramid Head?
You bet it does!

I can't afford to play...
It's free o o

I played and got the next file, but now I don't know what to do...
Well, usually you go to the 'game menu' and go to 'load' to load your file. If there is no file/part up yet, then that means I haven't gotten that far, and I will be updating it in time.

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