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I put this in to let people know how this game is going to work, and also to put in some important information. Might want to have a look through before starting your game.

Loading Games
Status Bar
Health Status
Sound Effects and Music
Game Over and Reload

Lucy has no choice then to venture into Silent Hill, but will soon discover that it’s no ordinary town. She must overcome the obstacles that are ahead, either if its fighting/avoiding monsters, solving puzzles or even more.
She just wants to find her brother and get out of here, but going farther into the town will unlock dark secrets and even darker encounters. She just hopes to find her brother and make it out alive.

[Loading Games]
Your memory will be a vital part of loading games. At the end of each completed area (section of story), depending on what options you chose, the ending will give you a certain file (ex. BLOODY1) for you to open to continue your game. What to do then? Go to the loading screen and find that file, open it, and continue playing. Be careful in choosing the files, choose the wrong one and you could stumble into a completely changed storyline.

[Status Bar]
The status bar is at the top of each web page while playing the game. It displays your current health, where you are in the game, and weapon currently equipped.

[Health Status]
You can keep track of your health with the status bar at the top of each section. To keep your health taken care of, consult the ‘items’ section below.

For many items, when Lucy finds them, she’ll use them right away (since there is no inventory in this game). When she hangs onto items and puts them in her bag, you can sense that she’ll use it for something important later, or when the right time comes to use them. When Vincent joins you, you can decide if to use it for Lucy or for him, so choose wisely. Most of these items include healing items.

Every time Lucy finds a weapon, she will automatically switch to that weapon, and will only use that weapon until she finds the next one. The same rule applies to Vincent as well. This can be good though, because the weapons get stronger as you progress through the game. The current equipped weapon will be displayed along side the health status bar.

Lucys' weapons consist mainly of firearms, she will always have the bloody handgun in her bag (and for using too), and when she finds the steel pipe, she’ll keep that handy in case of emergencies. All of the other weapons, she’ll drop once she finds a better replacement.

Vincents' weapons consist of melee weapons, and he will always have the butcher knife with him.

Items such as ammunition will not be kept counted. Lucy will use them when she gets them and/or when she sees fit (also when you decide). She’ll keep such items in her bag and ready for use. It’s sort of like saying; she’ll never run out because she uses them responsibly, but there’s always that chance.

[Sound Effects and Music]
Yes, there ARE sound effects and even some music in this game. I thought it best to tell you guys in advance because I know how people get mad at those illusion tricks on the Internet. The sounds are embedded into the web page, which means you can’t turn it off without exiting that page. I know this can be a big turn off to many people, but I’m just trying to set the mood for the game, however, most embedded music only run a few seconds long anyway.

The music will pop up differently and you can decide if you want it or not.

If you’d rather not mess with it then you can always just turn your volume down I suppose, although it’s probably better with the sounds in it. Your choice.

Here’s some facts: -I have no music on LOOP.
-All sound effects are short, maybe a few seconds long.
-There are not sounds on all the pages (keeps the surprise =D)
-When there is mood setting music, it will be pop up as a player on the page. If you have ‘Quicktime’, then it will be fine. I’m not sure how it will come up with another player.
-Music players (if any) will appear at the bottom of the page.
-With music/sounds on the web page, it will take a little longer to load; be patient!
-For best results, turn it up!!

Now I wanted stuff that could really jump out at you, but I couldn’t do that; rats.

When you encounter monsters, the radio will go crazy. You won’t always actually hear it, but the game will definitely let you know. You can choose to fight or run in most situations, but sometimes you don’t have a choice. Since this obviously isn’t a real video game you don’t get the real thrill of killing monsters, heheh, sorry.

Whenever you come across a map, you CANNOT take it with you in most cases. Vincent doesn’t seem to like them and even then most of the maps are not able to be taken. Lucy must rely on Vincent for most directions (which is a scary thought).
However, when you come across some maps, it will show it to you and let you decide where you want them to go.

[Game Over and Reload]
When you come to a game over…wow, sucks to be you…or rather it really sucks to be Lucy. No need to pout, you can just reload like anyone can do with their game console, just by simply pushing ‘reload’. This will take you back to the part where you messed up. Now you can pick a better option.

If you have any questions about the game/website, or if there are glitches in the game that I need to know about or fix, then please let me know. Email Me

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